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Cannes: Jackie Chan to Star in $50M Action Sequel ‘A Legend’



Jackie Chan has signed on to star in a sequel to his 2005 martial arts fantasy-adventure hit The Myth. Titled A Legend and directed by Chan’s longtime collaborator Stanley Tong (Rumble in the Bronx), the sequel will have a budget of $50 million — large for the Chinese film industry — and co-star Yixing Zhang (Kung Fu Yoga) and Coulee Nazha (Police Story 2013).

Produced by Bona Film Group, the film makes its market debut in Cannes with Taiwan-based Distribution Workshop handling worldwide sales.

The sequel sees Chan reprise his role as archeology expert Professor Chen. The film’s action begins when he notices that the texture on the artifacts discovered by his students during a glacier expedition is strikingly similar to a jade pendant he had seen in his dreams. Suspecting that the pendant is acting as a bridge between the realm of dreams and reality, Professor Chen leads his research team on a journey deep into the Glacier Temple, embarking on a fantastical adventure.

When it was released back in 2005, The Myth became Hong Kong’s third-highest-grossing film of the year and reached a worldwide total of $120 million. At 69 years old, Chan is showing absolutely no signs of winding down his legendary movie career. His most recent release, action drama Ride Onwas offered to buyers at the Berlin film market in February and subsequently earned over $30 million in China and about $5 million from other international territories.

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