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Divorce! Kanye West will donate $2 lakh every month to Kim Kardashian, pay for education of 4 children



Mumbai. Kim Kardashian divorces Kanye West: The divorce settlement between famous Hollywood rapper Kanye West and American model and TV star Kim Kardashian has been finalized. The two had separated last year. However, both have moved on in their respective lives. Kim was dating Pete Davidson. But the two separated in August of this year. Court hearing on Kanye and Kim’s divorce appeal. The trial was scheduled to begin on December 14. The two made the adjustment. At that hearing, the two won custody of the children. With that, Kanye will now have to pay Kim $200,000 every month. Along with this, he will also take care of the costs of raising children with Kim.

As part of the settlement, Kanye West will pay Kim Kardashian $2 million per month for the children, reports. In court documents, it was said that the former couple would get joint custody of their 4 children. In addition to the living expenses of his four children, Kanye will be responsible for 50% of their education costs.

Kim Kardashian fined $1 million, banned for 3 years from cryptocurrency-related advertising

According to the report, if there is a dispute between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian regarding any of their 4 children, then they will have to attend arbitration as per the agreement. However, if one of them does not participate, the other party becomes the decision maker.

Kim-Kanye used to taunt each other after the split

When it comes to ownership, the division of property is in accordance with Kanye and Kim’s prenuptial agreement. Let me tell you, since the split, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been making serious allegations against each other and also taunting each other via social media. Kany was accused by an employee of his company of showing him intimate photos and videos of his then-wife Kim.

Kanye showed Kim’s photo during the interview

According to People Magazine’s report, in 2018, Kanye West also showed a nude photo of his wife Kim Kardashian during an interview. Then Kanye said, “My wife just sent this.”

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