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Filmart: China’s Animated Blockbuster ‘Boonie Bears: Guardian Code’ Sells Wide (Exclusive)



Chinese studio Fantawild Animation unveiled a slew of sales deals at Hong Kong’s Filmart content market Monday for the latest hit in its long-running Boonie Bears Franchise. Boonie Bears: Guardian Codethe ninth film in the franchise, which earned $220 million during China’s Lunar New Year holiday in January, has closed theatrical deals for Canada (Cinemaguzzo), France (Factoris), the UK (Media Pioneers & Factoris), CIS (Prime Time Media ), Spain (Melies), Turkey (Bir film), Middle East (Phoenicia), Sub-Saharan Africa (Red head Global) and Singapore & Malaysia (MM2).

“Distributors have closed with us much earlier than expected with this film,” said Daniel Bort, Fantawild’s head of international. “We were able to presell at AFM with only a poster, not even images available. We are still closing deals even now, as we have yet to release the English version, which is an important factor in international localization. Buyers expect that our films deliver a bigger standard of quality and superior storytelling every time, allowing us to expand our footprint which each release.”

The Boonie Bears property began in January 2012 as a popular children’s TV series and has steadily grown to expand across mediums and platforms, including large-scale theatrical films. The series follows two lovable bears, Briar and Bramble, who try to stop Logger Vick from destroying their forest home. Fantawild’s annual Boonie Bears release has become a staple of the Lunar New Year holiday for Chinese families.

Fantawild’s team in Hong Kong says it expects Filmart to be a busy market, as the Asian industry begins its rapid recovery from the steep slowdown of the COVID pandemic. “We feel there’s a buildup of momentum in the region after the ease of the covid measures recently. Buyers are coming with the same impetus that characterized pre-pandemic times,” says Allen Lo, director of Fantawild’s international department.

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