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First ‘Fast X’ Trailer Shows Off Jason Momoa’s Villain



The trailer for Fast X has landed ahead of the Super Bowl.

The latest installment in the car-centric franchise sees Vin Diesel with Fast Mainstays Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibbons, Ludacris and Sung Kang. Franchise newcomers Jason Momoa, Brie Larsen, and Rita Moreno, who plays Diesel’s onscreen grandmother, can also be seen in the trailer.

The trailer was first screened at the movie’s fan event, which took place at LA Live on Thursday evening. Diesel was in attendance, along with franchise stars Rodriguez, Gibbons, Ludacris and Kang.

Diesel said that Fast X would be a return to the franchise’s roots. “You wanted to go back to the streets of LA. You wanted to return to racing and what that feels like. You wanted to return to the cars that made this franchise what it is,” said Diesel to a packed house of fans. “The support that you have given us, you have allowed us to be your family.”

Louis Leterrier directed Fast X from a script by Justin Lin, who departed as director, and Dan Mazeau.

Star Rodriguez previously spoke to The News84Media about having French filmmaker Leterrier on board.

“This Fast and Furious is the French Fast and Furious,” Rodriguez at San Diego Comic-Con in July. “Our special effects team, all of the guys who are doing the fights, they’re all French. Our second AD is French. Our director’s French. It’s like the French takeover, dude.”

Fast X will hit theaters on May 19 via Universal.

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