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“Forced to the toilet, she tried to strangle the child” Angelina Jolie accuses Brad Pitt of misbehavior



Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has filed a lawsuit in court alleging her ex-husband, actor Brad Pitt, behaved aggressively towards her in 2016 and when her children tried to save their mother, then Brad Pitt attempted to strangle a child.

Jolie filed a lawsuit in court in France over a dispute over a house and a liquor factory. He mentioned this alleged incident on a charter flight in the same complaint. Although

Brad Pitt’s rep denies the allegations
As much to say to you that a representative of Brad Pitt denied these allegations of the actress. The alleged incident on a charter flight came into the limelight shortly after the trip, but information about it was initially unclear, and divorce papers and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services investigated the incident. Details about it have not been made public. Both agencies concluded that no action was necessary against Brad Pitt.

misbehavior when going to the toilet
The ‘New York Times’ reported on the case filed by Jolie. The case filed says that on September 14, 2016, Pitt misbehaved with Jolie and their six children on a private plane flight. The report alleges that Brad Pitt “forcibly took Jolie to the bathroom and began yelling at her.” Pitt shook Jolie’s head, then he grabbed Jolie’s shoulders and shook her again and pushed her against the bathroom wall.” Jolie alleged that Brad Pitt strangled a child as he tried to save her.

Controversy over finance and children
Let us tell you that Oscar-winning actress and director Jolie and Oscar winner Brad Pitt got married in 2014. However, that marriage broke up within two years. Jolie had filed for divorce in 2016 and their separation was announced by the court in 2019, but the divorce case has not been fully settled due to ongoing disputes over child custody and financial matters.

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