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‘Gears of War’ Video Game Franchise to Get Feature Film, Animated Series Adaptations at Netflix (Exclusive)



Gears of Warone of the biggest video-game franchises on the Xbox 360 platform, is heading to Netflix.

The move comes after long months of negotiations in a competitive environment with the streamer nabbing the media rights and partnering with The Coalition, the Canadian game developer behind the franchise. It also comes on the 16thth anniversary of the game, which was originally released on Nov. 7, 2006.

Netflix has grand ambitions for the title and a plan that includes first adapting the video game saga into a live-action feature followed by an adult animated series. If everything turns up roses, more stories would follow.

No filmmakers or producers are attached to the multi-adaptations, with the video game franchise getting a fresh start after several big-studio attempts.

The game is set on a planet on the brink of societal collapse when a monstrous threat from below in the form of underground creatures known as the Locust takes humanity to the verge of extinction. Delta Squad, a ragtag fireteam led by disgraced sergeant Marcus Fenix, is now charged with leading humanity’s last stand.

With over 40 million copies sold across six installments plus spin-offs, the franchise is considered one of gaming’s richest and well-regarded sagas with a passionate fanbase.

Hollywood has been trying to get in on the Gears action since 2007 when New Line briefly nabbed the rights. The Netflix deal must be particularly satisfying for film head Scott Stuber, who was attached to produce an adaptation when he was an independent producer in the mid-2010s. That iteration was set up by Universal but never got past the screenwriting phase.

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