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Grammy Award-winning rapper Coolio has died



grammys Winner rapper Coolio has passed away. He was 59 years old. However, the reasons for his death could not be determined. Coolio is known for Gangsta’s Paradise and Fantastic Voyage. Coolio’s death was informed by his longtime manager Jerez Posey. Coolio died at a friend’s house in Los Angeles. Coolio won a Grammy for Best Rap Solo for Gangsta’s Paradise. Due to Coolio’s departure, a wave of mourning swept through his fans.

Coolio’s real name was Artis Leon Ive Jr. Coolio’s manager told TMZ he was found lying in a mess in the bathroom of a friend’s house on Wednesday afternoon. Coolio rose to worldwide fame in 1995 when he sang Gangsta’s Paradise for the soundtrack to the movie Dangerous Minds. Coolio received a Grammy Award for this song the following year.

Apart from this, Coolio has also sung many other raps which have been nominated for Grammys. He received five more Grammy nominations during a career that began in the late 1980s. He was born in Monsen, Pennsylvania, south of Pittsburgh. Coolio then moved to California where he attended Community College.

Coolio himself worked as a volunteer firefighter before singing hip-hop and rap. He also worked in airport security.

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