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Gravitas Ventures Takes North American Rights to ‘The Year Between’



Gravitas Ventures has picked up the North American rights to The Year Between from writer-director Alex Heller. The film will receive a theatrical and VOD release starting March 3.

Heller stars in the film, along with J. Smith-Cameron, Wyatt Oleff, Emily Robinson, Kyanna Simone and Steve Buscemi.

The feature, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival, is inspired by true events and follows Clemence Miller (Heller), a college sophomore who is forced to move back home after having a mental breakdown where she is faced with a surprising diagnosis of bipolar disorder. . The rest of the synopsis reads: “Upon her jarring return to the Illinois suburbs, Clemence will have to learn how to live with her well-meaning but frustrated family and find balance in a world that seems hellbent on thwarting her.”

The filmmakers are partnering with the National Alliance on Mental Illness Chicago to create resources and dialogue about the use of storytelling as a tool for healing, with NAMI Chicago steering the film’s education and impact distribution.

Eugene Sun Park of Full Spectrum Features produced the film, along with Heller, Amanda Phillips, Sonya Lunsford, and Rachel Gould and Caterin Camargo-Alvarez for Level Forward. Executive producers are Adrienne Becker, Roger Clark, and HaJ for Level Forward; and Smith-Cameron, Susanna Fogel, and Kelly Aisthorpe Waller, Ted Reilly and Markie Glassgow for Chicago Media Angels. Talia Koylass served as associate producer for Full Spectrum Features.

Said Bill Guentzler, senior director of acquisitions at Gravitas, “Alex Heller displays her talent both in front of and behind the camera with a deeply personal story with a healthy dash of comic relief to keep audiences engaged and entertained. We’re excited for audiences to experience her story and we look forward to her future career.”

“Everyone who’s mentally ill is out here experiencing it really differently. This movie is just one example of what that might look like. I made it for people like me, and for people who care about people like me. And to the people I didn’t make it for – your money is still good here,” said Heller.

CAA negotiated the deal on behalf of the filmmakers.

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