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Is Leonardo DiCaprio dating a 27-year-old model? Camila Morrone broke up a few days ago



Leonardo DiCaprio Fans of (Leonardo Dicaprio) are all over the world. He was very popular in the role of Jack in the movie “Titanic”. He is 47, but was dating actress Camila Morrone, 23 years younger than him. Discussions of their breakup have come to the fore in the past. It is said that he is now in a relationship with the famous model Gigi Hadid.

Leonardo spent a lot of time with GG Hadid after his breakup with Camilla Morrone. ‘Aaj Tak’ quoted the In Touch Weekly website as saying that Leonardo and GG have met several times over the summer. They have known each other for many years. They are jealous of each other. GG is Leonardo’s taste.

Jiji Hadid is the mother of a daughter
However, neither of them has confirmed their relationship. If they formalize their relationship, then they will be counted among the best couples in Hollywood. GG Hadid hasn’t officially started dating Leonardo yet. Let us tell you that GG Hadid is 27 and very beautiful. Jiji Hadid is also the mother of a daughter. He also had a relationship with singer Zayn Malik.

Leonardo dated Camilla for 4 years
The news portal quoted the source as saying, “The two are in a casual relationship right now, they have a lot of friends who know them very well.” There are also talks of the two spending time together as close friends. Let us tell you that Leonardo dated Camilla Morrone for 4 years before the breakup.

Leonardo jokes after his breakup with Camilla
According to the media, before the breakup, Leonardo and Camilla Morrone wanted to decide if they could stay together for a long time, but when Camilla became very busy with her work, the distance between them grew. Instead of fighting, they decided to separate peacefully. When news of their split spread on social media, people started making fun of Leonardo. People started saying they only date girls under 25.

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