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James Cameron explains, “Why shouldn’t audiences be concerned about the length of ‘Avatar 2’?



New Delhi: Filmmaker James Cameron asked people not to “worry” about the length of ‘Avatar: The Way of the Water’. With the sequel to Avatar set to be released next month, the 68-year-old director doesn’t think people should complain about its 3 hour and 10 minute runtime as viewers are ready to watch the whole continuous series. .

He told Empire magazine, “I don’t want anyone to say anything about the length of time, because when they’re sitting in front of the TV, they watch the show continuously.” Cameron admitted that building a franchise has been “extremely expensive”. The film’s four sequels have a budget of around $1 billion, but he insisted the next film will provide three hours of immersive experience.

“There are a few things that I took out (from ‘The Way of Water’) that I want to include in the third movie,” he said. These are very expensive films. Before the pandemic, it was a sketchy business case that cost so much. At this point, we just have to see what happens. But what I know now is that we’re going to bring a wonderful experience to the audience in three hours through the film.

James Cameron admitted in September that he feared “Avatar: The Way of Water” might not be relevant a decade after the original film was released. He said, “I was a little worried that in my fast-paced modern world, after 12 years, I would come with ‘Avatar 2’.

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