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James Cameron had made an offer to Bollywood’s “number 1” actor! He gave the name “Avatar”, but left the film



Mumbai: Avatar: The Way of the Water With its release on December 16, it remains in the news. This film is very popular all over the world. The first part of this movie “Avatar” was released in 2009. There were already a lot of discussions about this movie. Even these days, many stories are told, from the casting of the film to the making of the film. Recently, a BTS video of the making of the film was shared on the Academy’s social media handle, surprisingly. But you’ll also be surprised to learn that Bollywood actor Govinda has been offered the lead role in James Cameron’s ‘Avatar 1’. Govinda himself named this film “Avatar” but had turned down the offer to work in the film.

Govinda has given many hit movies to Bollywood. If James had accepted Cameron, he would have been part of the famous movie “Avatar”. Govinda had previously reached Indian TV show “Aap Ki Adalat”. The actor had claimed about the movie ‘Avatar’ that it was gifted by Hollywood director James Cameron. Govinda had said that he had rejected many films in his career.

The name “Avatar” was given by Govinda.
Govinda said, “I had suggested the title of the movie to him and that movie became a super hit. I told Cameron it would take about 7-8 years to make the movie and he was disappointed. He asked me how can I say with such certainty that ‘Avatar’ can’t be done soon. I replied saying that it seemed impossible from my point of view and as I predicted, the film arrived after 7 years and was a huge success.

Turned down because of body paint
Govinda had further stated that “I told Cameron it was not in my power to paint the whole body blue and stay for 410 days”. In this way, Govinda refused to do James Cameron’s films.

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The ‘Avatar 2’ sequel has arrived after 13 years
It took James Cameron 13 years to make ‘Avatar 2’, the sequel to ‘Avatar 1’. The film, released on December 16, is very popular with the public. At present, ‘Avatar 2’ is gaining hugely at the box office.

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