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Josh Epstein, Kyle Rideout Team with Good Question Media for Dark Comedy ‘Knight’s Camp’ (Exclusive)



Josh Epstein and Kyle Rideout, the Canadian filmmaking team behind indies Eadweard and Adventures in Public Schoolare going Medieval.

The duo have set up their latest feature project, the dark comedy Knight’s Camp at Good Question Media, which is developing and financing.

Epstein and Rideout co-wrote the project with Rideout in the director’s chair for a spring 2023 start.

Producing are Dan Beckerman (Falling, The Witch) and Chris Yurkovich (Slash/Back) of Good Question Media, along with Epstein. Deanna Brigidi of 5th House Casting is casting.

Knight’s Camp follows four bubble-wrapped teens at a summer “knight’s training camp” who are preparing to re-enact an ancient battle when they are accidentally transported to the real battle in 1293.

Set in and around a Scottish castle, the comedy seeks to highlight the clash between modern-day teens and the realistically brutal world of those gritty times. The producers describe it as being a blend of dark humor intersecting with a medieval thriller.

“I have always been fascinated by the grit from the past that people lived through versus our comfort in today’s western world,” Rideout said in a statement. “Where is the tenacity and resolve in people today? The other day my neighbor, no joke, got an ice cream cone delivered to his house.”

“We’ve been aching for an action adventure comedy, the kind we grew up with, where we challenge scrappy underdogs to be heroic. That’s it Knight’s Camp,” stated Epstein.

Epstein and Rideout are also established actors in the British Columbia scene – they have appeared in Deadpool, Warcraft, and supernatural, among other film and TV productions – but are known for writing and directing well-regarded indies.

Their previous filmPublic School, was directed by Rideout, produced by Epstein, and starred Judy Greer. It premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and was nominated for a Canadian Screen Award and a Directors Guild Awards before landing on Netflix. Their first film, Eadweardalso directed by Rideout and produced by Epstein, was a hit on the festival circuit, winning five audience choice awards, earned 15 Leo nominations and has been distributed around the world.

The duo are also a Hollywood writing team, working on the original feature Astrid’s Deathlist for Paramount with Lorenzo Di Bonaventura producing, and the remake of Youngblood with Charles Officer directing.

Epstein and Rideout are repped by Echo Lake Entertainment, the Jennifer Hollyer Agency and Goodman, Genow.

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