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Joyland ban in Pakistan: Pakistan bans “Joyland”, the film is included in the list of Oscars



Mumbai. The film “Joyland” directed by Pakistani director and writer Sam Sadiq has been banned in his own country. Let us tell you that this ‘Joyland’ is Pakistan’s official Oscar movie entry. The film was set to hit screens on November 18. However, due to its ban now, the public was very shocked. Pakistan’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting banned the film due to “highly reprehensible things” in the film.

Remember that this film gained worldwide fame when it won the Jury Prize at the 75th Cannes Film Festival 2022. After winning the Jury Prize, it was appreciated all over the world. Everyone has raved about the film on social media.

Now the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting about the film says that it contains “highly objectionable things”, due to which it was decided to ban it. On August 17, the censor board issued a certificate regarding the screening of the film. There were protests over the content of the film, after which the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting decided to ban the film. On November 11, the ministry issued a notification regarding the film and said, “Written complaints have been received that the film contains highly objectionable material that is inconsistent with the values ​​and standards of our society.”

It should be noted that Salim Sadiq made his directorial debut in “Joyland”. The film is based on the social scenario. The film is about a family based in Lahore, Pakistan, where it shows the strong hold of patriarchy.

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