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Kaley Cuoco Repeatedly Re-creates Her Perfect Night With Pete Davidson in ‘Meet Cute’ Trailer



Kaley Cuoco is a time-traveling woman in love with Pete Davidson in the new trailer for Meet Cute.

“Have you ever had a night like this in your entire life?” Cuoco repeatedly asks in the two-minute look at the upcoming Peacock film.

Cuoco’s Sheila and Davidson’s Gary meet on a bar in New York City one night, and when Sheila has the time of her life, she re-creates it over and over and over again, with the help from her trusty time-traveling tanning bed.

“I have got to come clean with you,” Cuoco tells Davidson over dinner at a colorful Indian restaurant. “I’m from the future.” When Davidson asks her what she did with her past self when she traveled back in time, a clip of Cuoco hitting herself with a car plays. “Do you think I’m crazy?” she asks him, to which he replies, “Yes, but it’s really cute.”

As the trailer continues, Cuoco reveals that after she went back to the night they met seven days in a row, she decides to go back even further and change Davidson’s past to make him “more perfect,” eventually altering who he becomes.

“If you erase the pain, you erase the person,” Deborah S. Craig’s June tells Cuoco’s Sheila when she can’t understand why he’s different than she remembers.

When Davidson confronts her, she explains it started as an accident, but then she fell in love and was “going to make it work” this time around.

Davidson and Cuoco also executive produce Meet Cute, which hits Peacock on Sept. 21.

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