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Kanye West broke boundaries on his 46th birthday, models became a serving table



Mumbai. Making headlines is nothing new for rapper Kanye West. They keep doing something or the other that they become famous on social media. Now Kanye is discussing his birthday party. Some photos from Kanye’s birthday party are going viral on social media. In this, models are seen lying on the table at Kanye’s birthday party and food is served to them. As soon as these photos hit the internet, they started going viral. People don’t understand this act of Kanye at all and they believe that Kanye needs treatment.

Kanye West celebrated his 46th birthday on June 8. A big party was organized on the birthday. When some photos from that party surfaced on social media, there was an uproar. A few model photos came out of this Kanye West party seeing what people are shocked at. In these photos, the models are seen lying on the table and sushi has been served on their bodies. (These photos were shared by PopCrave on social media.) Seeing these photos, people are shocked and they call it Kanye’s biggest mistake.

in the face of criticism
According to the information from this evening, the models had to lie down quietly and they did not have to interact with the guest. After seeing these party photos of Kanye, people are criticizing West. They call it a bad act. Some people also say that West needs therapy, his mental balance has deteriorated. At the same time, some users said West insulted both food and women.

Currently, this act of Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband remains a subject of discussion on social networks.

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