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Karen Gillan Enjoyed Working Without the Amenities of a Marvel Set While Filming ‘Late Bloomers’ | SXSW 2023



Late bloomers is a new comedy film having its world premiere at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, on Friday. To discuss the making of the film, screenwriter Anna Greenfield, director Lisa Steen (her feature debut) and star Karen Gillan joined. The News84Media in its SXSW Studio.

Greenfield based the story on real-life experiences. The movie follows a Brooklyn woman, Louise, in her late 20s, who falls drunkenly and breaks her hip, prompting a stay at a physical therapy ward with the elderly. When Louise is assigned to care for an old Polish woman named Antonina, the pair are forced to face some painful truths.

Steen and Greenfield connected when they went to college together and were also friends with Gillan through her husband. Gillan, previously known for her roles in franchises including Guardians of the Galaxy and jumanji, became obsessed with the script after reading it, studying Greenfield’s mannerisms as she prepared for the role.

Asked whether she enjoyed working on a smaller budget film without all the bells and whistles of a massive Marvel set, Gillan said: “I feel like there’s something to not having this huge trailer that you disappear into with all the snacks you could possibly want… It’s actually nice to just be all in it together, and for it to feel a little more connected, even though, definitely, we feel connected on the Guardians movie. [But] there’s a different feeling to not disappearing sporadically throughout the day and all being in it together.”

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