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Making of Avatar 2: If hi-tech was here, James Cameron’s masterpiece would have come 10 years ago, that’s how Avatar became



New Delhi. The most anticipated sequel to the famous Hollywood movie “Avatar” “Avatar: The Way of the Water” Arrived among the public in theaters on Friday. The film has already made many records before its release. The first part of the film, which arrived in 2009, also made many box office records. Visual and special effects were used brilliantly in the film, which was highly praised by the audience. The film grossed over 100 crores while performing brilliantly at the Indian box office.

director james cameron (James Cameron) wrote the 80-page screenplay for ‘Avatar’ in 1997 while filming the movie ‘Titanic’. Filming for Avatar wasn’t announced until after “Titanic” was released. But due to a lack of advanced technology at the time, the film could not be made. Due to the mostly fictional characters, it was necessary to use VFX and special effects. For this reason, the film was suspended. However, he didn’t give up on his intention to make the film, and James prepared a different language for the film. In 2006, work on the film’s script began again. Fox Studio With the help of the movie, it hit the big screen in 2009.

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Different types of cameras to film the expression of the actors in Avatar
Let us tell you that James Cameron had also designed another type of camera to film the expressions of the actors in the movie ‘Avatar’. Only the expressions of movie actors were shot with this camera and later they were used for animation. Filming for the film started in 2006, and the filming location was fully constructed and the designers worked hard on it for several days.

The sequel to Avatar was supposed to arrive in 2014
The film’s director, James, had already announced before the release of “Avatar” that if the first film was successful, it would definitely be a sequel. Two sequels to the film were announced in 2010 after Avatar’s record earnings. Avatar-2 was first released in 2014, but due to a delay in pre-production, it has now been released after eight years. The release date of the film’s sequel has been changed eight times.

Avatar-3 will arrive in 2024
The filmmakers have already set the release dates for Avatar. Please say that the second part of the movie has just been released. The release date of ‘Avatar-3’ has been set for December 20, 2024. Moreover, it has already been decided to release “Avatar-4” on December 18, 2026 and “Avatar-5” on December 22, 2028. Now, you have to see that after the success of Avatar, how much Avatar-2 can cause a sensation at the box office.

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