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Nagaur News: This Nagaur girl has made a name for herself in the acting world, moved from Bollywood to Hollywood



Feature – Krishna Kumar
Nagour. This dialogue from the movie Dangal was shown by this girl from Nagaur. Where it said my daughter is less than sons. Zoya Shah from Nagaur district made her Hollywood TV serial identity at a young age. Zoya currently lives in Jaipur and so far she has proven herself in many serials and movies through her artistry. Let’s get acquainted with Zoya Shah from Nagaur district.

In fact, this game started during an audition. When the auditions were taking place in Jaipur under the banner of Shaktimaan Production, Zoya went there to audition. Meanwhile, Mukesh Khanna’s eyes fell on Zoya and seeing Zoya’s acting, he invited her to come to Mumbai and this journey started from here.

Often we see that whenever someone enters the acting world, someone or the other is a hero to them. But there was no role model in Zoya Shah’s acting world. Despite this, he made his mark in Bollywood and Hollywood based on his talent.
Identity created after difficulties

Zoya said that when she entered the world of acting, she faced many problems. The fear of being rejected several times during the audition, not knowing the time of filming, had to shoot until late at night.
The career started like this
Zoya, 15, said the game started after seeing a newspaper advertisement, where she auditioned and then gradually progressed, she made it into the top 30 when auditioning for a big artist.

work in a Hollywood and Bollywood film

Zoya Shah, who surprised the world with her acting skills, played the main role in the Hollywood film Khejdi. If we talk about Bollywood, we also got a role in the movie Pataakha, India’s best Dramebaaz, worked in Wah Zindagi. He worked in the same Rajasthani film Turtle. After playing the lead role in Turtle Movie, the Best Rajasthani Film award was received. Apart from these, he also got a chance to star in many famous Crime Patrol series.

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FIRST POST: February 06, 2023, 3:57 PM IST