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Not 1 but 2 cats at Met Gala… Both have crores of property, luxury bungalows and bodyguards protecting them!



Mumbai: The celebrities who arrived at the Met Gala 2023, the biggest and most popular fashion event in the world, and their looks are in full swing. Many Indian stars also participated in this fashion event and adopted a unique way of representing the country. At this event, Alia Bhatt at the Met Gala and Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka Chopra Met Gala Look) drove everyone crazy with their fashion. Especially everyone’s eyes glued to Priyanka’s necklace which is worth crores. During this fashion event, some managed to glue crystals worth several hundred thousand euros and some even changed their faces. But now the discussion of two international celebrities who made it to the Met Gala is in full swing on social media. Who had reached this event by becoming a cat. At first glance, it is even difficult to recognize them.

Everyone wants to know why these two stars arrived in catsuits at the event. Her unique fashion is discussed everywhere. Could you spot the two celebrities who arrived in cat suits at the Met Gala? Otherwise, let us tell you who are these two celebrities who surprised everyone with their unusual fashion.

Celebrity Jared Leto, who arrived at the event in full cat gear, was very hard to recognize as he had covered his face with the cat’s head. When he took that helmet off his face, people learned he was Jared Leto. This costume was so realistic that anyone would be fooled. From eyes to toes, a very real look has been given.

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