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Olivia Culpo was completely broken when her ex-girlfriend broke up with Nick Jonas



New Delhi. Nick Jonas dated many actresses and models before his marriage to Priyanka Chopra. It is not hidden from anyone the length of the list of his ex-girlfriends. The name of actress-model Olivia Culpo also appears in the long list of ex-girlfriends of Nick Jonas. Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo dated for almost two years after which Nick Jonas broke up with Olivia Culpo. Recently, model Olivia Culpo spoke openly about her breakup with Nick Jonas on the show’s first episode “The Culpo Sisters.”

According to a report in People, while talking about her breakup with Nick Jonas on “The Culpo Sisters,” Olivia said she loved Nick, but Nick Jonas broke up with her. Talking more about it, she says she moved to Los Angeles for Nick Jonas. At that time, he had neither mark nor money. She just left everything for Nick and went to Los Angeles. Olivia says she was completely broken after her breakup with Nick. He didn’t even have his identity on him anymore.

Olivia Culpo further explains that she left everything for Nick. Even his identity was with Nick Jonas. Olivia says her story is the story of any normal person who falls in love. He thought he and Nick Jonas were getting married. He had thought of everything and then suddenly his world changed.

Sharing an anecdote after their breakup, Olivia says she remembers one night when she was lying looking at the terrace of her apartment and suddenly wondered how she was going to rent her house. She didn’t even have money to eat, so she decided she couldn’t just give up.

Olivia Culpo is dating an American football player
Of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’ engagement, model Olivia Culpo said, “Anyone can find love in this industry at any time. I’m very happy for Nick Jonas and I hope everyone will receive his love.” Let me tell you that Olivia Culpo is currently dating American football player Christian McCaffrey.

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