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Pedro Pascal in Talks for ‘Gladiator’ Sequel



Pedro Pascal’s busy year just got busier.

The in-demand actor, who has been doing the press rounds for the newest season of The Mandalorian and HBO series The Last of Us, is now in talks to join Paramount’s Gladiator sequel.

The Paramount project is a follow-up to the 2001 best picture Oscar winner that followed Maximus Decimus Meridius (Russell Crowe), a former general who is sold into slavery and forced to fight as a gladiator under the rule of Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix), a patricidal self-appointed emperor of Rome.

Pascal would join Paul Mescal, who will lead the movie. Connie Nielsen is set to return as Lucilla, the sister of Commodus. As previously reported, Denzel Washington, Joseph Quinn and Barry Keoghan are also set for the movie.

According to a previous report, the sequel’s story will center on Lucius (Mescal), the son of Lucilla, played by Nielsen, and the nephew of Phoenix’s Commodus. Djimon Hounsou is expected to return as Juba, a fellow gladiator and onetime ally of Maximus.

David Scarpa, who worked with Scott on All The Money In The World and the duo’s upcoming Napoleon movie, is penning the script. Scott will also produce with Michael Pruss via Scott Free, and Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher via Red Wagon Entertainment.

At the time of the release, Gladiator grossed $460 million at the box office and earned eleven Oscar nominations, winning five statutes, including best picture and best actor for Crowe.

Pascal, repped by CAA and Jackoway Austen, has upcoming credits that include Ethan Coen’s Drive-Away Dolls.

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