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Priyanka Chopra-Nick Jonas cummed with Malti on the beach, why did people get mad?



Mumbai. Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka Chopra) and Nick Jonas (Nick Jonas) often spends quality time with his daughter Malti Marie. Priyanka recently uploaded photos with her daughter Malti and Nick on her Instagram account. In these photos, Priyanka is seen spending happy times on the beach with her family. Some users objected to these photos of Priyanka and expressed their displeasure.

Priyanka’s daughter, Malti Mary, turned one. In an interview in the past, Priyanka talked about Sorogosi. Priyanka had said she went into surrogacy due to a health issue. When Malti was born, she was in the operating room. Malti was kept in the NICU for a long time. It was not easy for Priyanka to see all this. They were afraid that the girl’s life would be saved or not.

why get angry on the photos
In the photos shared by Priyanka, Nick, Priyanka and Malti are seen together. In one of these photos, the middle edge of the three is visible. At the same time, in a photo, Priyanka and Malti are seen on the balcony. Priyanka put heart emoji on Malti’s face in these photos. Users don’t like this thing. One user wrote on these photos: “Why do you hide his face, don’t share photos until you are ready to show your face.” One user said, “Stop the trend of hiding kids’ photos.”

Please say that in 2018 Priyanka married Nick in Jodhpur. After that, last year 2022, Priyanka made an announcement regarding the girl.

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