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Remember the Irish kid from “Titanic” who only spoke one line, got royalty checks for 25 years? The actor told the story



Mumbai. The name ‘Titanic’ is included in major Hollywood movies. This film is part of a better cinema in every way. There were a lot of special faces in this movie directed by James Cameron, but there are faces that are still in people’s minds. One of these faces is that of the child who utters only one line during the sinking of the Titanic, but who makes everyone cry. We’re talking about child artist Reece Thompson. Recently, information came to light from Rishi’s side that some time ago he was getting a royalty check for the movie.

The classic Hollywood movie “Titanic” was released in 1997 and this movie had written a new success story. Rishi played a special character in the film as a child actor. Although Rishi only had one line to speak in the movie, but it was very important and there was a special emotion behind it. A panicked family waits for help as the Titanic sinks. Meanwhile, the child artist Rissy asks: “What are we doing, mommy?” Thereupon the mother said, “We are expecting my son. When they get the first class people to the boat, then they’ll start helping us and we should be ready. It was a moving scene in the film.

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Reece Thompson (Irish Mirror)

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Rishi has grown now
Rishi recently said in an interview with Network 10 that he was getting royalty checks for the film some time ago. For a few days they don’t get any money. Rishi feels he hasn’t updated his new address, maybe that’s why he’s not getting the money. Rishi is now 30 years old and the fact that he has been making money for so many years surprises everyone. Rishi says people are still trying to identify him and even now there are talks about the movie. Along with that, he has now become young over time, but people are trying to relate his face to the face of childhood.

Rishi’s film had very little screen space but his character became immortal forever.

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