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Russia bans ‘Night at the Museum’ celebrity Ben Stiller-Sean Penn, Hollywood actors backed Ukraine



Hollywood Actors Sean Penn and Ben Stiller have been harshly criticized by the Russian Foreign Ministry. Russia has banned Sean and Ben from entering the country. Along with this, the entry of senior US officials was also banned in Russia. The actors and the United States supported Ukraine in the war against Russia. The actors were banned after a few months of supporting them. On Monday, Deadline reported that the Russian Foreign Ministry released a list of people banned from the country.

The list includes, in addition to Sean Penn and Ben Stiller, senators Rick Scott, Mark Kelly, Pat Tomei, Kevin Kramer and Kristen Cinema. US trade officials, including US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo, are also on this list. The Russian Foreign Ministry says the list is based on the “principle of reciprocity”.

According to the report, the ministry said in a statement: “The hostile actions of US officials, who continue to follow a Russophobic path, are destroying bilateral relations and exacerbating the conflict between Russia and the United States. We will always try to keep the peace.”

Let us tell you that Sean Penn and Ben Stiller publicly criticized Russia during the Russia-Ukraine war. Sean was also seen doing relief work for Ukraine. He was also filming a documentary on the Russian invasion but had to leave the country in February. At that time, Sean shared a photo.

Sean Penn shared this photo on Twitter. In this, he was seen carrying a backpack and walking with luggage. At the same time, a long line of cars parked on the side of the road was seen.

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