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Sarah Polley Asked to Return Her Oscar to Academy in Prank by 11-Year-Old Daughter



Sarah Polley’s Oscar for her Women Talking The script has not actually been rescinded by the Film Academy, despite her 11-year-old daughter’s valiant April Fools’ Day effort to suggest otherwise.

The filmmaker, who picked up the vaunted prize for best adapted screenplay last month, shared a letter to Twitter on Saturday that she attributed to daughter Eve. The prank involved a typed-out message stating that Polley must send back the trophy in order for it to be given to the team behind Netflix’s All Quiet on the Western Front, who were the actual winners, according to the note. The letter ended with a signoff from Academy president David Rubin, forged signature and all.

“We are giving you one more week to enjoy its presence in your home, but after that period of time you must mail it back to LA, where we will give it to the rightful best adapted screenplay: All Quiet on the Western Front,” the note read. “We are sorry for your loss, but it is only fair that the play with the real best adapted screenplay gets the Oscar.”

Polley did not explain whether she was actually led to believe the letter at any point. Her tweet included the message, “My eleven-year-old swung low for April Fools Day this year.”

Among those playing along in the replies was All Quiet on the Western Front director Edward Berger, who is credited for his screenplay alongside co-writers Lesley Paterson and Ian Stokell.

“Dear Sarah, to save on mailing costs as I live overseas the Academy has asked me to provide you with my address so you can ship the Oscar directly,” Berger tweeted. “I will follow up shortly. OK with you? All the best, Edward.”

Although it didn’t actually win for its screenplay, All Quiet on the Western Front earned nine Oscar nominations and four wins. Polley’s Oscar was her first and followed her previous nomination for best adapted screenplay for 2006’s Away From Her. She shares three children with husband David Sandomierski.

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