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Sarah Polley on Nixing Difficult Artists From Her Film Sets: “I’m Just Completely Done With It”



Women Talking filmmaker Sarah Polley says she’s still mulling over “a few things” in terms of what project she wants to tackle next, but she knows exactly how she wants to make it.

“I would try to populate my set the same way I did with [Women Talking] by working with people who have a sense of the collective, who can make space for each other and really cast a community,” Polley explained to THR At the recent Palm Springs Film Festival Awards, where she was honored as best director for her work on the Focus Features release. “I’m done working with people who are talented but create difficulty for other people. I want to work with people who really make room for other people and who really have a sense of their impact on others. That’s too rare, but was very common on this film.”

Asked to specify an experience with challenging creatives, Polley was diplomatically reserved, allowing only that, in a general sense, “We’ve all had experiences with people whose bad behavior has been excused for the sake of their genius. I’m just completely done with it. Especially after seeing the work that these amazing actors did on this film where there was no ego and no necessity for an ego in order to do the work. The bar is set very high for me now.”

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