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Shawn Mendes fans in shock! Is a 24-year-old Hollywood singer dating 50-year-old Dr. Jocelyn Miranda?



Shawn Mendes, 24-year-old Hollywood singer Has a lot of fans. Sean, famous for his songs, is said to have been dating 50-year-old doctor Jocelyne Miranda. A few days ago, Shawn and Jocelyn were seen having lunch in Los Angeles. The two are thought to be a couple. The singer’s fans were shocked after this news broke.

According to media reports, Hollywood singer Shawn Mendis and Doctor Jocelyn are spending time with Miranda. The two were recently seen holding hands and hugging. His photos and videos are going viral on social media. The singer’s fans are in shock after seeing such photos and videos. Although news of young boys dating older women is nothing new, it is now becoming commonplace. Despite this, some Shawn fans refuse to accept it.


(Credits: Twitter)

Shawn Mendis recently split after dating singer Camila Cabello for almost 2 years. Although the two are friends but not in a relationship. Sean’s Twitter fans say Dr. Jocelyn Miranda has been with Singer for a long time, the two are good friends.

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