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Singer Christina Aguilera had to fight for her own last name, what is the reason?



Singer Christina Aguilera struggled to keep her last name for the rest of her career, but turned down other stage name suggestions because she’s “proud” of her mixed heritage.

She said: “It’s something that I really embody and I understand that, you know, it’s a name that’s been tried to take away from me many times in this business. It’s not the easiest name for everyone to pronounce. I don’t like repeating bad names that might have happened to me.”

According to the report, the ‘Ginny in a Bottle’ singer explained that she insisted on keeping her birth name as she is ‘proud’ of her mixed heritage and had to change her surname for the title of his latest album. . – which is recorded in Spanish – as a way to create a “full loop” moment.

She told Billboard, “But I was like no, I’m Aguilera, I’m proud of where I come from. My dad is from Ecuador. It’s authenticity and that’s very important to me. “

Meanwhile, Aguilera has been engaged to Matthew Rutler for eight years – but the love couple are still in no rush to wed. A source said: “There are no wedding plans at the moment. (Christina) and Matt are just as happy as they are. They are one of those couples who don’t need any documents to prove their love for each other.”

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