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Struggling rapper Kanye West, accused of locking students at school, only gives one sushi to eat



Mumbai. Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband and rapper, Kanye West, is once again embroiled in the controversy. Kanye was accused of only giving sushi to kids at his private school and locking them in the room. In addition, he was accused of violating several health and safety rules regarding her. Kanye West runs a private Christian prep school in California. Several reports claimed that the school forbade cleaning services, doors were locked from the outside, and students were only given one sushi per day as a meal.

Cecilia Hailey and her daughter Chekare Byers said that during the time she was working at the school, the school was closed from the outside, keeping students inside the room all day, reports. uk. It was also stated in the report that the drugs were stockpiled haphazardly in the school and there was no nurse.

In a statement, attorney Ron Zambrano, a teacher advocate, said: “Kanye West is clearly as bad at running a school as he is at running his personal and professional life. This creates a dangerous and illegal environment in the school for students. Kanye needs to understand that his talent is in the music, not the racing school.”

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Children do not receive full food at school

As for cases, there are no chair-tables for students to sit on, which means they have to sit on the floor to eat lunch. Apart from this, there are many other irregularities in the school. For example, crosswords and paintings are not allowed to be hung on the walls, and students are not allowed to go to the second floor. Because Kanye West would have been afraid of the stairs.

Illegal educational practices at Kanye West’s school

Hailey and Byers complained to the principal of Donda Academy in early 2023 that “illegal educational practices” were taking place at the school. According to the case, however, it is alleged that the principal described Byers and Haley as “aggressive” and said they facilitated (d)stereotypical attitudes towards African American women, leading to conflict.

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