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The well-paid actress became at 17, surprised everyone by choosing a girl as a life partner, the reason will make your head spin



Los Angeles. A movie was released in 2008. The name of the movie was The Twilight. This movie caused a sensation not only in America but all over the world with its release. The film was based on the novel by Stephenie Meyer. The love story of this movie caught the attention of people all over the world. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, who played the lead roles in the film, became stars overnight. Kristen was only 17 at the time of this film.

Kristen became world famous with this film. After the release of 2 more films from the Twilight series, Kristen gained such fame that she became the highest paid actress in the world. Kristen, 19, made $28 million in 2010. Kristen has discussed her love life more than her movies.

Kristen has long been dating Twilight hero Robert Pattinson. The two’s love talks were also well-known. However, Kristen and Pattinson’s relationship did not last long and later broke up. After that, Kristen distanced herself from the boys. A few months ago, Kristen decided to make this girl the partner of her life. Kristen is also engaged to a woman named Dylan Meyer. Soon the two will get married.

The comedy started at the age of 11
Born on April 9, 1990 in Los Angeles, USA, Kristen’s mother, John Stewart, and mother, Jules, also work in the film industry. From the age of 11, Kristen also played at her school. Seeing his talent in school, his parents decided to bring him to become an actor. In 2001, Kristen made her debut with Safety of Object. Although Kristen had done small roles before that. After that, Kristen showed her acting skills in movies like Panic Room, Cold Creek Manor.

Love happened on the set of the movie

Kristen became a superstar in just 17 years. While filming the movie Twilight in 2008, her heart fell on her costar Robert Pattinson. After that, the love story of the two became much discussed. The two continued to date for about 2 years. The cover photo of the two used to dominate the media and magazines. However, soon Kristen’s heart broke and their love fell apart. This breakup completely broke Kristen.

Kristen has long been a victim of depression. After that, Kristen met Delin Meyer during the Corona outbreak. Delin is also a writer and has written screenplays for many films. The two met in 2019 and became friends. After spending a lot of time, Kristen and Delin fell in love. Kristen got engaged to Dylan in 2021 after being in a relationship for almost 3 years. The two may get married soon.

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