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This serious illness has happened to ‘Thor’! chris hemsworth aka thor takes a break after alzheimer’s disease revelation know the details rk



Mumbai. Marvel Studios’ Thor and Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth have revealed they’ve been given a warning about Alzheimer’s disease. This warning was found while filming his new documentary ‘Limitless’ with National Geographic. According to Vanity Fair’s report, Chris wanted to test all those things hidden in his DNA. He had a genetic test done and found two copies of the APOE4 gene there. This gene increases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. These genes come from both parents.

Chris Hemsworth described this revelation as his greatest fear. He also revealed that he was planning to take a break due to the genetic possibility of contracting Alzheimer’s disease. Speaking to Vanity Fair, he said his concern was not wanting to manipulate him and not seeking sympathy from anyone. He said he wasn’t leaving the theater, just taking a break.

Chris Hemsworth gave a positive response to the possibility of this disease occurring in the future. He said: “Most of us prefer to avoid talking about death in hopes of escaping it somehow. We all trust that we will find out. Then, suddenly, a big clue indicates that you are going to die.

Chris Hemsworth added: “The possibility of contracting Alzheimer’s disease prompted me to take a break from my acting career. Now that I’m finishing this tour this week, I’m going home and I’m going to have a great time and everything will be simple. Will be with the kids, will be with my wife.”

Chris Hemsworth also revealed that it wasn’t bad news for him. His grandfather has Alzheimer’s disease. He said his grandfather didn’t remember anything now despite his friendly demeanor.

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