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‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ ‘Elvis,’ ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’ Make Noise at Sound Editors’ Awards



Motion Picture Sound Editors spread the wealth at the 70th Golden Reel Awards, its first in-person ceremony since the start of the pandemic, held in a new venue, LA’s Wilshire Ebell Theater.

In the feature competition, winners included the teams from Top Gun: Maverickfor effects and Foley; Elvisfor music editing; All Quiet on the Western Front, for a foreign language film; and in a surprise, The Banshees of Inisherinfor dialogue and ADR.

A day after winning the PGA and top Annie Awards, Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio collected the prize for sound editing in an animated feature. In nonfiction filmmaking, Good Night Oppy won the category for sound editing in feature documentary; and Moonage Daydreamfor music editing in a feature doc.

All Quiet on the Western Front, Elvis and Maverickalong with Avatar: The Way of Water and The Batman are Oscar nominated for sound, which combines sound editing and mixing. The Cinema Audio Society Awards for sound mixing will be handed out March 4; its live-action feature competition mirrors the Oscar nominated slate. Last weekend, All Quiet on the Western Front won the BAFTA in sound.

During the Golden Reel Awards ceremony, Maverick director Joe Kosinski and (prerecorded) Tom Cruise presented the MPSE Filmmaker Award to producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Kosinski remembered the thrill of seeing the producer’s films in the ’80s. “When you saw a Bruckheimer movie, you knew it was designed to do what movies do: entertain,” he said. Cruise congratulated Bruckheimer, saying “he’s always striving for excellence” and getting a laugh when he added, “and he knows what the hell he is doing.”

Bruckheimer told the sound community, “You have been adding magic to your films for so many years and I’ll remain a lifelong fan.” Recalling the first note of Top Gun‘s opening theme, he added, “movies are identified by the music and their sound effects. … and the importance of dialogue — I want to make sure [audiences] hear every line and every note.”

Supervising sound editor Gwendolyn Yates Whittle — who this year received her third Oscar nom, for Avatar: The Way of Water — became the third woman to receive the MPSE Career Achievement Award, which was presented by her Skywalker Sound friends and colleagues, supervising sound editors Al Nelson and Lora Hirschberg.

Whittle recognized friends and colleagues, among them fellow Skywalker Sound colleagues Hirschberg; Nelson; Chris Boyes, who invited her to co-supervise sound on 2009’s Avatar, for which she earned her first Oscar nomination; and Randy Thom, who launched her into animation with Ice Age 2. She urged the sound community to mentor, saying, “You are the best at what you do. .. Don’t hesitate to pass the passion along. We can share advice and set the future career achievement recipients up for success by nurturing them now.”

A complete list of winners follows (in bold).

2023 Golden Reel Award Sound Editorial Winners

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Broadcast Animation

Love, Death & Robots: “In Vaulted Halls Entombed”


Supervising Sound Editor: Brad North MPSE

Sound Designer: Craig Henighan MPSE

Foley Editor: Antony Zeller MPSE

Foley Artists: Zane Bruce, Lindsay Pepper

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Broadcast Long Form Dialogue / ADR

The Crown: “Gunpowder”


Supervising Sound Editor: Lee Walpole MPSE

Supervising Dialogue Editor: Iain Eyre

Supervising ADR Editor: Matt Mewett

ADR Editor: Sophie Mapplebeck

Crowd ADR Editor: Abbie Shaw

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Broadcast Long Form Effects / Foley

Stranger Things: “Chapter Seven: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab”


Supervising Sound Editors: William Files MPSE, Craig Henighan MPSE

Sound Editors: Angelo Palazzo MPSE, Ken McGill, Katie Halliday, Lee Gilmore MPSE, David Grimaldi, Chris Bonis

Foley Artist: Steve Baine

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Broadcast Short Form

The Bear: “Review”


Supervising Sound Editor: Steve “Major” Giammaria

Sound Effects Editor: Jonathan Fuhrer

Dialogue Editor: Evan Benjamin

Foley Editors: Annie Taylor, Chris White

Foley Artists: Leslie Bloome, Shaun Brennan

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Animation

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio


Supervising Sound Editor: Scott Martin Gershin MPSE

Sound Designer: Scott Martin Gershin MPSE

Sound Effects Editors: Masanobu “Tomi” Tomita, Andrew Vernon MPSE, Chris Richardson

Dialogue Editor: Dan Gamache MPSE, Chris Richardson

Foley Artists: Dan O’Connell, John Cucci MPSE

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Documentary

Good Night Oppy


Supervising Sound Editor: Mark Mangini MPSE

Supervising Dialogue Editor: Dave Bach

Sound Designers: Tim Walston MPSE, Dave Whitehead MPSE, Mark Mangini MPSE

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Foreign Language Feature

All Quiet on the Western Front


Supervising Sound Editor: Frank Kruse

Sound Designer: Markus Stemler

Supervising Dialogue Editor: Alexander Buck

Supervising ADR Editors: Benjamin Hörbe, Alexander Buck

ADR Editors: Thomas Kalber, Moritz Hoffmeister

Foley Editor: Kuen Il Song

Foley Artists: Carsten Richter, Daniel Weis

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Dialogue / ADR

The Banshees of Inisherin

Searchlight Pictures

Supervising Sound Editor: Joakim Sundström

Supervising ADR Editing: Simon Chase

Supervising Foley Editor: Patrick Ghislain, Rebecca Glover

Foley Artist: Julien Naudin

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Feature Effects / Foley

Top Gun: Maverick


Supervising Sound Editors: Al Nelson, James Mather, Bjørn Ole Schroeder

Sound Designers: Christopher Boyes, Jed Loughran

Sound Effects Editors: Benjamin A. Burtt, Scott Guitteau, Rowan Watson, Qianbaihui Yang MPSE

Supervising Foley Editor: Luke Dunn Gielmuda

Foley Editors: Dmitri Makarov, David Mackie

Foley Artists: Jana Vance, Ronnie Brown, John Roesch MPSE, Shelley Roden MPSE

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Non-Theatrical Animation

Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie


Supervising Sound Editor: Jeff Shiffman MPSE

Sound Effects Editors: Jesse Drake MPSE, Brad Meyer MPSE

Dialogue Editor: Xinyue Yu MPSE

Foley Editor: Carol Ma

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Non-Theatrical Documentary

Formula 1: Drive to Survive: “Gloves Are Off”


Supervising Sound Editors: Steve Speed, Nick Fry

Sound Designer: James Evans

Sound Editor: Hugh Dwan

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Non-Theatrical Feature



Supervising Sound Editors: Chris Terhune, Will Files MPSE

Sound Designer: James Miller

Sound Effects Editors: Christopher Bonis, Diego Perez MPSE, Lee Gilmore MPSE

Supervising Dialogue Editor: Jessie Anne Spence MPSE

Dialogue Editors: David Bach, Korey Pereira MPSE

Supervising Foley Editor: Annie Taylor

Foley Editors: Nick Seaman, Roni Pillischer

Foley Artists: Leslie Bloome, Shaun Brennan

2023 Golden Reel Award Music Editorial Winners

Outstanding Achievement in Music Editing – Broadcast Long Form

Stranger Things: “Chapter Nine: The Piggyback”


Music Editors: Lena Glikson, David Klotz

Outstanding Achievement in Music Editing – Broadcast Short Form

Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin: “Torschlusspanik”

NBC Universal

Music Editor: Andres Locsey

Outstanding Achievement in Music Editing – Documentary

Moonage Daydream

NEON / HBO Documentary Films

Supervising Music Editor: Brett Morgan

Music Editor: John Warhurst

Outstanding Achievement in Music Editing – Feature Motion Picture


Warner Bros.

Supervising Music Editor: Jamieson Shaw MPSE

Music Editor: Evan McHugh

Scoring Editor: Chris Barrett

2023 Golden Reel Award Game Editorial Winners

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Game Dialogue / ADR


Half Mermaid

Audio Directors: Kevin Senzaki MPSE, Priscilla Snow

Dialogue Editor: Diana Cha

Outstanding Achievement in Music Editing – Game Music

God of War Ragnarök


Music Directors: Peter Scaturro, Keith Leary

Supervising Music Editor: Sonia Coronado

Music Editors: Yuen Man Chung Kelvin, Glen Andrew Brown, Rob Goodson, Bill Hemstapat, Adam Kallibjian, Collin Lewis, Kory McMaster, Monty Mudd, Kye Sebastian Voce

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Game Effects / Foley

God of War Ragnarök


Audio Director: Frank Favre

Supervising Sound Designers: Michael Kent MPSE, Jeremy Rogers MPSE

Sound Design Leads: Alex Previty, Beau Anthony Jimenez, Bryan Higa, Stephen Schappler, Justin E. Bell

Supervising Sound Editors: Csaba Wagner, Samuel Justice

Senior Audio Artists: Nick Tomassetti, Aaron Sanchez, Ash Read, Dennis Bestafka, Derrick Espino, Jeshua Whitaker, Lewis Everest, Noburo Masuda, Tsubasa Ito, Ben Minto MPSE, Chris Sweetman MPSE

Audio Artists: Andres Herrera, Chris Kokkinos MPSE, Danny Barboza, Danny Hey, Kei Matsuo MPSE, Koji Niikura, Lewis Barn, Maria Rascon, Presley Hynes, Prin Keerasuntonpong, Robert Castro, Satsuki Sato, TJ Schauer, Harry Cohen MPSE, Luke Hatton , Michael Leaning, Barney Oram, Zachary Quarles MPSE, Stefan Rutherford, Paul Stoughton, Joe Thom MPSE, Graham Donnelly, David Farmer MPSE, Eilam Hoffman, Jason W. Jennings, Bryan Jerden, Fred Pearson, Stephano Sanchinelli, Thomas C. Brewer MPSE , Tim Walston MPSE

Technical Sound Designers: Sean LaValle, Cameron Sonju, Daniel Ramos, Enoch Choi, Gavin Booth, Roy Lancaster, Charles Dworetz, Bradley Gurwin, Mallorie Lesher, Dave St. Jean, Klaudia Schaffer, Aaron Cendan, Ashton Faydenko, Jessie Chang, Skylar Chen

Audio Programmer: Stepan Boev

Foley Editors: Blake Collins, Jeff Gross, Alex Robson, Rob Krekel, Cesar Marenco, Eric Paulsen MPSE, Sam Gray, Rostislav Trifonov, Keith Bilderbeck, Paul Fonarev

Foley Artists: Joanna Fang, Dawn Fintor, Alicia Stevenson, Matt Davies

Outstanding Achievement in Sound Editing – Student Film (Verna Fields Award)


National Film & Television School

Supervising Sound Editor: Dan Hibbert

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