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Venice Has Chala-Mania Deja-Vu Ahead of ‘Bones and All’ World Premiere



As the Venice Film Festival now very much appreciates, if you want to generate a bit of noise ahead of a screening, book a Timothée Chalamet movie.

A year on from the world premiere of Dune — and the screams of “Timothée! Timothy! Timothée!” that accompanied his arrival on the red carpet (in a particularly dazzling sequinned outfit) — the festival is about to experience a healthy dose of Chala-Mania all over again.

Bones and Allthe cannibal romance film set in Reagan’s 1980s America that reunites Chalamet with director Luca Guadagnino for the first time since the actor’s breakout in 2017’s CAll Me by Your Name, has its world premiere on the Lido on Friday afternoon. Chalamet stars alongside Taylor Russell (who plays lover), with Mark Rylance, Michael Stuhlbarg, André Holland, Chloë Sevigny, Jessica Harper and David Gordon Green also appearing.

But for the fans — mostly women — who had already gathered near the Casino building a full 9 hours before the red carpet activities kicked off (and four hours before the Bones and All press conference — for which many had gathered by the water for his arrival by boat), there was only really one person they were hoping to catch a glimpse of. And Chalamet did not disappoint, at least not before the press conference, which started about 20 minutes late as he signed autographs and posed for photos outside.

For the world premiere later in the day, if Dune is anything to go by, the hysteria is only going to get louder.

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