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VIDEO: Jonas Brothers showcased Priyanka Chopra in this style, Nick said – ‘I’m proud’



Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas recently participated in the Global Citizens event. Along with Nick, his brothers also attended this event. The Jonas Brothers gave an excellent performance at the event and entertained the citizens of the world. Many videos and photos of this event are going viral on social networks. One of these videos caught people’s attention and it is quickly going viral on the internet. In this video, the Jonas Brothers are seen introducing Priyanka.

Priyanka and Nick were also seen kissing in this video. The Jonas Brothers can be seen in the video introducing Priyanka to perform on stage. In that intro, one of the Jonas Brothers says, “Please welcome an incredible, incredible performer, actress who has been a citizen of the world and a long-time ambassador.” Then he points to Nick.

Then Nick Jonas says, “I’m proud to call my wife… So welcome Priyanka Chopra Jonas.” After that, Priyanka runs on stage and kisses Nick and hugs her. Then Priyanka takes the microphone in her hand and asks him to cheer on the Jonas Brothers. The audience seated below the stage screams and applauds.

Priyanka says, “I’ve been watching you for 10 years. We all celebrate you. We are only here because of you.” Let us tell you that Priyanka is the brand ambassador of the Global Citizen event. The special thing is that this is the 10th year of the event. Fans love the Priyanka and Nick bond Earlier, Nick also shared romantic photos with Priyanka.

At the same time, Priyanka Chopra also shared a video. In this video, he showed fans a preview of the Global Citizen event. Meanwhile, Priyanka’s fun style was also seen.

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