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Vince Vaughn Set to Return for ‘Dodgeball’ Sequel



Vince Vaughn is set to star in a long-gestating sequel to the 2004 film Dodgeball in the works at 20th Century Studios, The News84Media has confirmed.

The original film starred Vaughn as the slacker owner of a rundown gym who gathers a group of misfits into a dodgeball tournament in order to defeat an encroaching corporate gym run by Ben Stiller.. The movie grossed more than $114 million domestically on a reported budget of $20 million.

Vaughn is also expected to produce the sequel, which was earlier set up at Fox. Vaughn and co-star Stiller have long mulled the idea of ​​a sequel, but the project has not moved forward, apparently until now.

“They’ve always talked about these things forever and I had an idea that was fun and the studio likes it, so we’ll see where it goes. I think Ben is open to doing it, I think he’s in the same boat as me actually which is if it’s a really fun and great idea then that’s fun, but if it’s just something to go do it again then why?” Vaughn told THR in December 2022 during a premiere for his comedy Christmas with the Campbells.

Jordan VanDina (The Binge) is understood to be at work on a script for the sequel, now in early development. There’s no word on a storyline for the Dodgeball follow-up film, or whether it yet has Stiller’s stamp of approval or involvement.

The original sports comedy film written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber was seen as the ultimate Hollywood underdog story as Vaughn’s character, Peter LaFleur, led a fight to save his gym business from an evil fitness impresario.

Deadline was the first to report on Vaughn participating in the 20th Century Fox-set sequel.

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