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What impressed Priyanka Chopra and was ready to work in “Citadel”? The reason given by the actress



Priyanka Chopra (Priyanka Chopra) will soon be seen in action in Russo Brothers’ upcoming “Citadel” series. The actress participates in many events around the world. He revealed some of the things viewers can expect to see on the show.

According to media reports, the actress said she would be seen doing her own stunts on the show, which ‘Avengers: Endgame’ director Anthony Russo believes not everyone can do. Speaking of filming for action sequences, the actress compared the art of doing stunts to working on math problems.

Priyanka says, “It’s like math. If you get training, you can do it. To that, Anthony joked, “I like your scenes, but like math, not everyone can really do it.” Priyanka revealed about the show what inspired her to join.

Is “Citadel” the second most expensive series?

The actress revealed the show’s theme was “social experimentation” and said, “I’ve been a big fan of The Russo Brothers and what really drew me to it was the experimentation. social of the series.” “Citadel” made headlines last month when reports claimed the series would be the second most expensive series of all time.

According to media reports, the series’ budget was estimated at $160 million, but the seven-episode series increased its budget by around $75 million, bringing the total estimated budget to $250 million.

Priyanka Chopra has an interesting role in the series

The show is said to be based on a team of several international spies who join the military for a big mission. This series is about spies who start different missions in their respective countries. Priyanka Chopra has a very interesting role in the series, which the public is ready to discover.

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