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‘Workaholics’ Movie Scrapped at Paramount+, Being Shopped to Other Streamers



The Workaholics The movie has been scrapped at Paramount+ just five weeks before filming was slated to begin.

Star and co-writer Adam Devine shared the news Monday on Instagram, expressing frustration over the reasoning for the streamer’s decision.

“Welp, Paramount + decided to cancel the Workaholics movie. Obviously, this news is the loosest butthole. We were suppose to start filming in 5 weeks! P+ told us don’t fit their new ‘global’ strategy,” Devine wrote. “We are deeply butt hurt about this decision because we were so excited to bring the weird one last time.”

The actor went on to express dismay at not getting to work with friends and co-stars, including Anders Holm and Blake Anderson, as well as the larger impact of the movie’s scrapping on the cast and crew, “who are now going to have to scramble to find new jobs.” The Workaholics team is out to other streamers, according to Devine. “Hopefully we will get to make this insanely fun movie somewhere else,” he added.

Based on the hit show of the same name that ran for seven seasons on Comedy Central, the Workaholics movie was announced as in development in February 2021. The show, also co-created by Workaholics Director and actor Kyle Newacheck, Connor Pritchard and Dominic Russo, followed college dropouts trying and failing to stay out of trouble while clashing with co-workers, partying and pulling pranks.

Devine, Holm and Anderson were set to reprise their series roles alongside fellow creator Newacheck in a movie that would focus on the experience working through the pandemic.

The News84Media has reached out to Paramount+ for comment.

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