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WWE Wrestlemania: Veterans were hiding as soon as this wrestler arrived, won the most titles, who will compete?



New Delhi. whenever talking the wwe WrestleMania is one of the biggest events in the world, so the name comes first. undertakers And sean michael Only what comes. Apart from these two, there have been many other wrestlers in the world of World Wrestling Entertainment, who showed their strength inside the ring. In this freestyle wrestling game, many veterans won on the big stage. Many records are set on this stage of WrestleMania and many records are also broken.

Many veteran wrestlers have tried their hand at this special WWE event, WrestleMania, in which hulk hogan from sean michael Including the name of the fund. The peculiarity is that he beat his strongest opponent every time in these matches. The Undertaker’s name comes first in the list of WrestleMania winners. Undertaker has a record 23 wins on the Big Stage. The Undertaker, who started from WrestleMania Season 7, retired in 2017 after the loss.

These wrestlers also caused panic in the ring
In addition to Undertaker at WrestleMania, Hulk Hogan and triple h As the wrestlers have also won several times. Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan has won the WrestleMania title 8 times. Hulk Hogan won WrestleMania Season 19 in a thrilling match against Vince McMahon. Apart from that, Hulk has also defeated superstars like Andre the Giant, Yokozuna. Triple H has tasted victory at WrestleMania a total of 9 times. However, he had to face defeat more times than that. Triple H won their final WrestleMania title on the Grand Stage by defeating Sting in Season 31.

The superstars also rocked WrestleMania
If we talk about other WWE WrestleMania Superstars Ken His name is also on this list. Kane won 8 WrestleMania matches, but he won most of those matches with the tag team. Kane is the only wrestler to have won the Hardcore and ECW titles at WrestleMania. Apart from that, he also beat veterans like Big Show, Rikishi and Daniel Bryan in the ring. One of WWE’s Greatest Superstars john cena Won the first four WrestleMania matches of his career. On WrestleMania Season 33, he earned his 10th victory in a mixed match. John Cena beat veterans like Rock, Triple H and Batista at WrestleMania.

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