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WWE’s Most Dangerous Wrestler, Who Defeated a 235kg Wrestler, Name Enough!



New Delhi. So far in WWE history, many Superstars have participated. Some of them were also those whose name is still pronounced today. You must have heard the names of WWE stars like Undertaker, Batista, The Rock and John Cena. But there is one player who becomes ferociously aggressive inside and outside the ring. in the world of wrestling wwe wrestler goldberg Who would have forgotten This wrestler left no stone unturned to make a grand entrance and dust off the good wrestlers in the ring.

Known for his aggressive attitude, Goldberg has beaten some good wrestlers in the ring. Goldberg has such a record to his name that no wrestler in the world has been able to beat. In fact, Goldberg also beat a wrestler three times his weight in the ring. From 129kg ‘Brock Leznar’ to 235kg ‘The Giant’, were lifted and thrown into the ring. Goldberg beat 163kg ‘Mark Henry’, whose name is one of the heaviest wrestlers in the ring. At the same time, tall “Big Shaw”, who weighed 173 kg, also could not escape from Goldberg.

hitting more than seven wrestlers simultaneously during a match
The fear of Goldberg’s name in the ring was such that wrestlers used to leave the ring and run away as soon as they got in front of him. This strong wrestler has many victories to his name, in which he always fought one way. Goldberg knocked out more than seven wrestlers simultaneously during a match, after which he stepped into the spotlight.

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