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After Releasing Her Album, Ariana Grande Asks Fans Not To “Send Hate Messages” To Her Entourage

Ariana Grande, returning to the spotlight with “Eternal Sunshine,” her first album in four years, has made a heartfelt plea to her fans: refrain from sending hate messages to those in her circle. Following the album’s release, some fans speculated about the meanings behind her lyrics and targeted those close to her with negative messages. In response, Grande took to Instagram to directly address the issue.

In a story posted on Saturday, March 9, Grande wrote, “Sending hate messages to people in my life based on your interpretation of my album is not supportive and is the opposite of what I would want. It also misinterprets what my music stands for.” She urged her fans, “Please don’t do this.”

The “Thank U Next” singer explained that while her new songs do capture many painful moments, they are interwoven with “deep, genuine love.” She encouraged her followers to listen more closely if they missed this message in her music.

A Much-Anticipated Return

“Eternal Sunshine” marks a significant return for Grande after a notably low-profile period, her longest break since her musical career took off in 2013. The album follows 2020’s “Positions,” which was released without much fanfare due to the pandemic.

During these past four years, Grande experienced personal changes, including a brief marriage to real estate agent Dalton Gomez, followed by a divorce. She has recently been linked with actor Ethan Slater, her co-star in the film adaptation of the musical “Wicked.” This relationship has sparked a flurry of rumors and tabloid fodder, which Grande appears to address in her track “Yes, And?,” the lead single from her latest album.

Although the album, which she wrote or co-wrote entirely, touches on themes of failed romances in several tracks (such as “Bye, Don’t Wanna Break Up Again, We Can’t Be Friends”), Grande has implored her fans to view her work without bitterness or thoughts of vengeance.

As Grande navigates both her personal life and her public persona, her message is clear: she seeks understanding and kindness, not just from her close ones but also from her global fanbase.

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