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Ariana Grande Is Officially Divorced And Owes $1.25 Million To Her Ex-Husband

Pop superstar Ariana Grande and her now ex-husband, real estate agent Dalton Gomez, have finalized their divorce, marking the end of their nearly three-year marriage. The legal dissolution was confirmed by the Los Angeles Superior Court this past Tuesday, with the proceedings concluding smoothly, much like the couple had hoped.

A Quiet Conclusion to a Public Life

Ariana Grande, last seen dazzling the crowd at the 96th Oscars on March 10, and Dalton Gomez had been living apart for over a year before their official separation. Citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split, the couple had already been navigating their lives independently long before the divorce was finalized.

The court proceedings, which began six months ago when Grande filed for divorce on September 19, were firmly rooted in a pre-existing prenuptial agreement, which undoubtedly streamlined the process.

Financial Details of the Divorce

At the conclusion of their divorce, a financial agreement was reached between Grande and Gomez. According to the settlement, 30-year-old Grande, a two-time Grammy Award winner, will pay her 28-year-old ex-husband $1.25 million. Additionally, Grande will cover $25,000 in legal fees associated with their divorce.

The former couple also agreed to split the proceeds from the sale of their Los Angeles home equally. This arrangement reflects their mutual respect and the amicable nature of their separation, which has been free of public disputes or dramatic revelations.

Moving Forward

The couple, who married in a private ceremony on May 15, 2021, have managed their divorce with dignity and a level of respect that has kept most of the details out of the public eye. Sources close to the couple mentioned that Grande and Gomez handled the breakup respectfully, settling all necessary details before even setting foot in court.

As both parties move on from this chapter, the nature of their split suggests a maturity that is often not seen in high-profile breakups. Ariana Grande’s continued success in her career, coupled with the respectful handling of her personal life, continues to endear her to fans around the world.

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