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Ariana Grande Sets Very Strict Rules for Her Assistants!

Ariana Grande, the globally recognized pop sensation, is not just meticulous about her music but also about how she manages her day-to-day life, particularly when it comes to her staff. Known for her extraordinary voice and demanding schedule, the singer has reportedly established a set of quite unique guidelines that her assistants are expected to follow.

The Rulebook of Handling Stardom

Sources close to the star have revealed some interesting demands that highlight her distinctive lifestyle. For instance, during exhausting days, Grande prefers not to walk. According to an insider speaking to Life & Style, the singer has her assistants carry her—literally—when she feels too tired to walk, claiming she wants to protect her “precious feet” from the ground.

Water is another essential for Grande, who insists on having an assistant nearby with a bottle of water and a straw at all times, ready to serve her at a moment’s notice. A source from Star Magazine highlighted an instance where, if she felt slightly parched, she would shout for water and an assistant would rush to her aid. This particular quirk was noted at the BBC 1 Teen Awards in 2014, where she reportedly spit out water that was not at her preferred temperature.

Dietary Requirements and Beyond

The “Thank U, Next” singer follows a strict plant-based diet, which she believes enhances longevity and overall happiness. She shared with Mirror that dining out can be challenging, but she sticks to what she knows best: vegetables, fruits, and salads. Her team is tasked with ensuring her meals are to her specifications, with a constant supply of her favorite berries and strawberries at every meal.

Personal and Media Specifications

Grande’s personal life and how she is portrayed in the media are also closely managed. She has a specific request for her visual representation, often preferring to be filmed from her left side. Furthermore, the singer has strict controls over her image. After an incident where the mother of a fan was asked to delete photos of Grande, it became evident that her team is vigilant about how she is captured in public spaces.

Pets are also a significant part of Grande’s life. She has nine dogs, which often travel with her on her private jet, requiring her team to be as attentive to her pets as they are to the singer herself.

Theme Park Privileges and Controversies

Grande’s high-profile status comes with its own set of perks and controversies. For instance, she reportedly demands to enjoy theme park rides without the presence of other visitors, which has led to operational delays and criticism from staff at places like Universal and Disneyland, where she was described as “disrespectful” and “rude.”

Despite the challenges and demands, Ariana Grande continues to be a beloved figure worldwide, with her team playing a crucial role in managing the complexities of her day-to-day life and public persona.

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