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Back To Black’: The Current Life Of Blake Fielder-Civil, Amy Winehouse’s Ex-Husband

In the shadow of Amy Winehouse’s tumultuous life, as depicted in the recent biopic “Back to Black,” stands Blake Fielder-Civil, her ex-husband. Often vilified as the catalyst for the late singer’s descent into drug addiction, Fielder-Civil has since taken significant steps to rebuild his life post-Winehouse.

From Limelight to Quiet Life

Blake Fielder-Civil’s name is inseparably linked to Amy Winehouse—not just as her former husband but also as the alleged instigator of her struggles with hard drugs. Their relationship, marked by its intensity and destructiveness, served as the heart-wrenching inspiration for Winehouse’s acclaimed album “Back to Black,” which swept five Grammy Awards in 2008.

Their love story began in 2003, filled with immediate sparks and grand gestures, like Winehouse tattooing Blake’s name on her chest mere days after meeting him. However, their marriage in 2007, carried out secretly in Miami, spiraled into a cycle of infidelity and legal troubles, culminating in their divorce in 2009. Two years later, Winehouse was tragically found dead from alcohol poisoning.

Rebirth and Reflection

Today, Fielder-Civil leads a life far removed from the tabloid headlines. After his split from Winehouse, he found love again with Sarah Aspin, whom he met during a stint in rehab. The couple has two children, Lola and Jack, and despite a near-fatal overdose in 2013 that left Fielder-Civil in a medically induced coma, he has survived to reflect on his past actions and their consequences.

In a candid interview with “Good Morning Britain,” coinciding with what would have been Winehouse’s 40th birthday, Fielder-Civil expressed deep regret over their shared past. “It’s sad, but I wanted to wish Amy a happy birthday. It’s devastating that she isn’t here. I think about her all the time, she was my best friend,” he shared. He admits that if circumstances had been different, their story might have had another ending.

The Path to Redemption

Fielder-Civil’s journey from the vilified figure in the saga of a fallen star to a man simply trying to make amends with his past, and forge a stable future for his family, is a tale of personal redemption. While he remains a figure of public fascination due to his ties with Winehouse, his current life speaks more to his efforts at recovery and peace than to his infamous past.

The series and the real-life narratives it draws from serve as a stark reminder of the complexities of love, addiction, and fame. For Fielder-Civil, the road to recovery is paved with the lessons of the past and the responsibilities of the present. As he continues to build his life with Aspin and their children, his story remains a poignant chapter in the tragic tale of Amy Winehouse, reminding us of the human capacity for change and the enduring impacts of deep, personal loss.

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