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Charles III: These Words Speak Volumes One Year After His Coronation – Closer

When Charles III was crowned on May 6th last year, the historic day was carefully documented in a unique Coronation Roll, a tradition dating back centuries. Unlike its predecessors, however, this roll represents a departure from royal customs. Instead of the traditional animal skin parchment, King Charles III requested that it be made of paper, emphasizing a more sustainable approach. This 57-page document details the entire event, from the grand procession to the sacred anointing, coronation, and key concluding moments.

A Collaboration of Experts

The production of the roll required the expertise of multiple artisans and heraldic specialists. Artist Tim Noad and calligrapher Stephanie Gill contributed their unique skills alongside Antonia Romeo, the Crown’s clerk, ensuring the document’s historical accuracy and artistry. Romeo explained to Charles III and Queen Camilla that the roll features intricate “chancery stitching” binding the pages together. Each page holds nearly 11,600 words of meticulous descriptions, carefully sewn and rolled into one cohesive, majestic document.

Breaking Tradition with Sustainability

King Charles III’s decision to use paper rather than animal skin is a first in the monarchy’s history and reflects his long-standing environmental advocacy. By incorporating sustainable materials, he not only preserves the centuries-old tradition of recording coronations but also reimagines it in a more ethical, eco-conscious manner. The roll thus represents a fusion of history and modern values, emphasizing the king’s desire to lead by example in matters of conservation.

A Year of Reflection and Commitment

The past year has been one of reflection and commitment for King Charles III and Queen Camilla. With the Coronation Roll marking this pivotal anniversary, they reaffirm their dedication to their roles and the values they espouse. As the document finds its place among other royal artifacts, it serves as a tangible reminder of how traditions evolve over time while still honoring their roots.

Charles III has faced a transformative year since ascending the throne, and the Coronation Roll speaks volumes about his approach to leadership. By blending time-honored practices with progressive ideals, he paves the way for a monarchy that honors the past while adapting to the present and future.

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