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Electric Vehicles Revitalize the Tire Market: Drivers May Not Appreciate It

The advent of electric vehicles is transforming the automotive industry landscape, offering new opportunities for the tire market. However, this revolution brings its share of challenges, notably in terms of accelerated wear and higher costs for consumers.

The tire industry has always faced intense competition, gradual growth, and narrow margins. In recent years, the total market value has remained around $50 billion, with an overall annual increase of about 2%, according to data provided by consulting firm AlixPartners.

However, the emergence of electric vehicles creates new opportunities in the sector.

Faster and More Expensive

Besides the notable differences in emissions and noise, two characteristics stand out particularly when first handling an electric vehicle:
A higher weight: it is mainly due to the battery, which is responsible for storing the energy necessary for the operation of the motor and other components.

The instantaneous provision of the entire torque: this characteristic results in a faster and more efficient response during acceleration, as the electric motor immediately provides the entire torque.

Thus, due to their higher weight and faster acceleration, electric vehicles tend to wear out their tires about 20% faster than internal combustion vehicles, representing a significant increase in tire demand. Furthermore, tires for electric vehicles tend to cost about 50% more, contributing to a potential increase in tire manufacturers’ turnover.

Less Noisy

According to European regulations, electric vehicles must emit an artificial sound when driving at a speed lower than 20 km/h. This measure aims to increase safety. This measure aims to increase pedestrian safety, as the absence of noise from these vehicles could surprise passersby and increase the risk of crushing.
One of the main advantages of electric vehicles is their contribution to reducing noise pollution. This advantage should also extend to the tires they use. An important indicator in the classification of tires is their noise level, measured in decibels (dB). A tire is considered low noise when its sound emission is below 65 dB.

Up to 15% More Range

Improving the range of electric vehicles also remains a priority. According to Michelin’s research, the right choice of tires can have a significant impact on an electric vehicle’s range, with variations ranging from 10% to 15%. These technical aspects underline the importance of continuous innovation in the design and manufacturing of tires to meet the specific requirements of electric vehicles.
The Pilot Sport and e.Primacy tire ranges, known for their remarkable energy efficiency, are two striking examples. These options not only meet the requirements of resistance and durability required for electric vehicles but also contribute significantly to reducing range. Pilot Sport tires can increase the official range of electric cars by up to 7%, while e.Primacy tires can allow an electric vehicle to travel up to 10% more kilometers per charge compared to other tires.

The ability of tire companies to stand out as innovators in these areas could have a significant impact on customer loyalty and the demand for their products. Differentiation in terms of innovation could influence how often customers order their products by name. According to estimates by Northcoast Research, only about half of buyers currently do so. Therefore, there is a clear opportunity for tire companies that can excel in innovation to improve their market positioning and gain a larger share of loyal customers.

Alan, editor-in-chief, born in 1964 in a picturesque small town in the south, has always been fascinated by the roar of engines and the shine of car bodies. From a young age, he spent hours flipping through his father's car magazines, dreaming of the cars he would one day drive. After obtaining his high school diploma, Alan decided to pursue his passion for automobiles by studying journalism, with the hope of combining his two loves: writing and cars.


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