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How Taylor Swift Makes Fans’ Heads Spin With Her “Surprise Songs”

The countdown has begun for the “swifties” eagerly awaiting Taylor Swift’s monumental “The Eras Tour” in Europe. Her first four European dates are set for Paris, from May 9th to 12th, at La Défense Arena. As she prepares to delight fans with over 40 songs spanning her entire career, a burning question lingers: Will she maintain the “surprise songs” tradition that has everyone buzzing?

A Special Bond with Fans

The “surprise songs” are a distinctive feature of her concerts, adding a touch of mystery to each show. Taylor Swift always dedicates an acoustic moment to her fans, a tradition she’s upheld over several tours. The songs, often lesser-known or long-unplayed tracks, are delivered solo with her guitar or piano in the final quarter of the concert. Morgane Giulani, author of Taylor Swift: The Rebel Turned Icon, explains how this moment creates a unique connection between Swift and her audience. “It’s like a lottery, and that’s what makes it so exciting,” she says. This exclusive segment also lets Swift get closer to fans positioned further back on stage.

Fans Speculate and Analyze

Swifties aren’t just waiting passively; they’re actively speculating on which songs might be played next. Swift herself has fueled this excitement by introducing rules that ensure she won’t repeat any “surprise songs” during her U.S. stadium tour. Devoted fans have created Excel spreadsheets to track song appearances and even developed a paid app called “Swift Alert,” which provides live notifications when a surprise song is about to be performed. This keeps fans connected globally, allowing them to join in the anticipation, listen live, and discuss.

A Playful Strategy and a New Approach

Taylor Swift loves to toy with audience expectations, incorporating special dates or events into her song selection. For example, she played “High Infidelity” on April 29th because the date features prominently in the lyrics. Now, speculation is high that she’ll perform “Paris,” from Midnights, or “Begin Again,” whose video was filmed in the streets of Paris, during her Paris shows.

Earlier this year, Swift announced that she would reset her surprise song policy, giving herself more creative freedom. “I don’t want to limit myself,” she told fans in Melbourne. “From now on, I’m not going to remove any colors from my painting palette.” This newfound flexibility allows her to revisit previously played songs and weave them into the acoustic set.

The Mystery of Her New Album

An intriguing element is her recent album, The Tortured Poets Department, which was released just days ago. Swift teased her eagerness to perform in Paris in a video that clearly showed her rehearsing on a stage with the album’s initials prominently displayed. Fans are convinced that tracks from the new album will be part of her upcoming Paris concerts.

Will she add another “era” to her already impressive setlist? Swifties know they won’t be able to predict it all, but one thing’s for sure—Taylor Swift will keep them guessing right up to the last note.

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