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John Travolta Pays Tribute To His Son Jett, Who Passed Away At The Age Of 16

John Travolta recently honored the memory of his late son, Jett Travolta, who would have turned 32 this past April 13. The beloved son passed away tragically in 2009, leaving a void in the Travolta family that has been felt ever since.

A Father Remembers

On what would have been a celebratory occasion, the “Pulp Fiction” star took to Instagram to express his enduring love and remembrance. Posting a family photo from 1997, Travolta shared a heartfelt message: “Happy birthday my Jetty – not a day goes by without you with me!” The photograph, a poignant reminder of happier times, features a young Jett at four years old, flanked by his parents, John Travolta and the late Kelly Preston, who herself passed away in 2020 due to breast cancer.

The Tragic Loss

Jett Travolta suffered from Kawasaki disease, a rare inflammatory condition that affects blood vessels. His life was cut short at just 16 years old when he suffered a fatal cardiac arrest during a family vacation in the Bahamas. According to reports, the tragedy occurred after he hit his head on a bathtub at the Old Bahamas Bay hotel. The loss was devastating for John Travolta, who in a 2014 interview with US Weekly, described his son’s death as “the worst thing that’s ever happened in my life.” He confessed that there was a time when life itself lost its meaning, reflecting on the profound impact of such a loss.

A Family’s Love and the Support of Fans

John Travolta
Ella, John Travolta, Jett and Kelly Preston in Paris, 2008.

The Travoltas, including children Ella and Benjamin, have found strength in each other and in the support of fans worldwide. Ella, now 24, echoed her father’s sentiments on Instagram with a simple yet touching, “Happy birthday my Jetty.” The post not only attracted comments from family but also from numerous followers, who shared messages of support and remembrance, emphasizing that Jett “will always be in your heart forever and ever.”

John Travolta’s public tribute underscores the everlasting bond between a parent and a child, a bond not even death can sever. As the family continues to navigate life without Jett, they do so with the memory of his spirit guiding them forward, forever cherished and never forgotten.

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