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The most futuristic car that manufacturers can’t believe: no steering wheel or pedals, and it communicates with other vehicles.

Dans un monde où le rythme de l'innovation en matière de mobilité durable s'accélère, Audi dévoile l'Aicon, un concept car sans volant ni pédales, qui redéfinit l'avenir de la conduite autonome et de la communication automobile.

Sustainable mobility is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. This week, we learned about the fuel you had forgotten, and a brand is making a comeback. However, we now have even more shocking news with this futuristic car that even manufacturers can’t believe. It has no steering wheel, no pedals, and it can even communicate with other vehicles.
A futuristic car that changes everything: this is how mobility will be, according to this brand.

The Audi Aicon is a concept car presented by Audi that offers a futuristic vision of the autonomous car. This vehicle, designed entirely by computer, does away with elements as essential in current cars as the steering wheel or pedals.

This conceptual car completely abandons the traditional idea of driving and opts for a 100% autonomous experience. The Audi Aicon is driven entirely autonomously without the need for the driver to supervise the driving at any time.

This innovative vehicle is the result of Audi’s future vision of mobility and how driving will be in the coming decades. The Audi Aicon anticipates some of the technologies that will mark the development of the autonomous car in the coming years (seeing that the DGT is opening its hand).
A look at the exterior design of the Audi Aicon: innovation and futuristic aesthetics

The Audi Aicon concept presents an impressive exterior design that looks to the future. With a body 4.30 meters long, 1.90 meters wide, and only 1.35 meters high, it has an imposing presence on the road. In fact, it impacts us more than brands like Tesla, which we have talked about other times.

The front exhibits the classic Audi grille in a hexagonal shape, but this time illuminated with OLED technology. The headlights have a minimalist design and are perfectly integrated with the rest of the body. On the sides, the wide doors with gull-wing opening allow easy access.

At the rear, we find OLED taillights that extend across the width and give it a futuristic touch. The Aicon is painted in a satin gray that perfectly combines with the chrome details. Its huge 26-inch alloy wheels complete the style of the car of tomorrow.
Autonomous driving behind the Audi Aicon: the DGT looks at it sideways

The Audi Aicon is a concept car that represents the German company’s vision of the future of autonomous driving. One of the most striking aspects of this prototype is that it completely dispenses with the steering wheel and pedals, entrusting all driving to the autopilot system.

The Aicon’s autonomous driving is based on artificial intelligence and advanced communication between the vehicle and its environment. Through numerous sensors, cameras, and radars, the car is capable of perceiving and interpreting everything that happens around it.

In addition, the Aicon is connected to the cloud, which allows it to access real-time traffic information to optimize its routes. It also communicates with other vehicles and road infrastructure to receive data that increases its knowledge of the traffic situation.

Thanks to autonomous driving, the Aicon offers a completely new experience to its occupants, who can relax, work, or entertain themselves while the car takes care of taking them to their destination safely. Even the brand itself claims that it interacts with others on the road to maximize safety.

The fact that the Audi Aicon is leading innovation is not surprising. How many times have we commented on advances from the brand that even keep manufacturers on their toes? We also saw it with this factory for the car of the future… located in a forest. It’s more impressive than you think, and it has great potential to decarbonize transport almost at a stroke.

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