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Passengers rioted at Amritsar airport after flight canceled



Amritsar: At 11 p.m., at Amritsar airport in Punjab, passengers created a frenzy. In fact, the flight from Amritsar to Ahmedabad was suddenly canceled overnight. After which, the passengers had no connecting flight or overnight stay.

Spice Jet flight SG3790 from Ahmedabad landed at Amritsar airport about an hour late. . The same flight SG3791 takes off from Amritsar for Ahmedabad at 10 p.m. The passengers arrived at Amritsar airport on time and were also checked in. The SpiceJet flight reached Amritsar at 10:23 p.m., but was unable to take off for the return flight. Initially, nothing was told to the passengers, but later the flight was canceled for technical reasons.

Passengers were disturbed all night
Amritsar Passengers staying in the city came back but passengers coming from Ahmedabad or other cities faced a lot of trouble during the night. A passenger said nothing was clarified by Spice Jet ground staff overnight. The passengers demanded that a flight to Ahmedabad be arranged for them quickly.



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