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Occupiers again began shelling the Zaporizhzhya NPP



Россий загарбники готовый тергенов провокация на Zaporizhzhya NPP. Residents of Energodar are asked to be careful and, if possible, limit their stay on the streets of the city.

Mayor Dmytro Orlov announced this.

Attention! Be careful and, if possible, limit your stay on the streets of Energodara! Information has arrived about another provocation by the occupiers– sefava in povidomlenni.

Local residents claim that shelling is again taking place in the area of ​​the park zone near the Zaporizhzhya NPP and industrial territory. The interval between takeoff and landing is 3-5 seconds.

Earlier intelligence warned about provocations Rashistiv. To stele Energodar at the entrance to the city, the Rashists erected a self-propelled artillery installation Pawn with painted white paint Z. A blue-yellow Ukrainian ensign was raised on the SAU. Obviously, it will be used for repeated provocations in order to blame the ZSU.

We will remind you that the leadership of the Russian military is blackmailing the whole world, declaring that it is going to destroy the Zaporizhzhya atomic power station (AES) and that it is ready to blow it up. For data Energy atomукраїнська розвидка мая информация габия минування енгорблокив Запоризької АЕС русский войзами.

Russia has already started implementing a plan to connect ZAEU to Russian energy systems (via Crimea) and disconnect it from Ukrainian.

As you know, on August 5, occupiers fired at the Zaporizhzhya atomic power station. Fixed three arrived directly at the station. Rashisti seriously damaged the nitrogen-oxygen station and the combined auxiliary corps. Є риски витоку водню та розпилення радиоактивых чтобы.

Later on Energy atoms They reported that on August 6, Russian forces again fired at the territory of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear station, which they themselves control. As a result of the firing, a hit was recorded at a site located in close proximity to a dry storage facility for spent nuclear fuel.

Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Rafael Grossi after the Russian attack on the Zaporizhzhya NPP warned of a possible nuclear disaster.

Energoatom warned about the possible consequences of accidents at ZAEP. In the event of an accident in Energodari, the area of ​​the potential exclusion zone is up to 30,000. km² (about 10 Chornobyl exclusion zones), and the Zaporizhzhya region will actually be lost for living and farming.

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